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 Characters Needing To Be Filled

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PostSubject: Characters Needing To Be Filled   Tue Dec 29, 2009 12:05 am

"Brooklyn and I are only two people, we cannot be all of these! We need your help!"

You really thought we could be all of these characters, plus are own? Ha! I laugh at you. But, really, we need your help! These are some of the character slots, that we need filled. Now, of course, this does not mean you have to be any of these characters, you can just be a regular student, but it would be highly appreciated, if you would! If you would like to be any of these characters, please PM either Brooklyn, or myself, and we will give you more details.

Head Mistress:
That's right! You thought Brooklyn's character, and my character had power, think of how much power this lady has! Whoever were to take this character would have much power around the school, but would also be weighed down by the responsibilities. It may seem like a dream job, but in truth, it is not.

Nurse One:
Do you have a knack for helping others? Taking care of injuries? Then this is the job for you! Being a nurse, you would obviously help any student who may have been injured. And you get you own office, too! Well, actually... not really. You have to share your office with another nurse.... But still!

Nurse Two:
Obviously, this nurse will have the same job as the first, above! I really just wanted to make the post longer.... :3

Class Council!

No school is complete without a Class Council! So.... each class; Crusnik Blue, Dragon White, Griffin Yellow, Snake Grey, Spirit Red; will have different members in their council!

Class Representative:
This person will tell the council of that particular class' problems or needs during the council meetings and represent the class.

Class Officer:
This person will make sure that each member of their class follows school rules. If they so choose they can give advise to other students but their main concern should be their own class.

Class Treasurer:
This person is needed to take care of the class' money budget. If the class is going in debt then it's their job to have a class meeting with either the whole class or their class Reps. to organize an event to earn more money. (More about organizing events to earn money will be posted in a different topic.)

Class Secretary:
This person basically takes notes at meeting, and gives "advice" to the class representative. Whether the representative chooses to take heed of the advice is their choice, but it is highly advised that they do. The Secretary will also be an assistant to the representative, and keeps things organized.

Student Council!

Not only is their specific people per class, there is those that take on the hard job of keeping the whole school organized.(Like your's truly!) These people consist of:

Student Officer:
There's a total of two of these.(One boy and one girl.) They make sure that every student in Domino Academy follows the rules correctly and without fuss. They also keep people out of the Forest but are not aloud to go in there themselves unless a student is in there and not listening when they're being told to get out.

Student Council Treasurer:
Every school has to have events where everyone takes place right? The student treasurer keeps track of the whole school's budget and manages whole school events.

Student Council Secretary:
As with Class Secretaries, Student Council Secretaries act as assistants to the Student Council Presidents. They take on the responsibility to organize all information, and such, and act as advisors to the Student Council Presidents.


Yep! There are still teacher jobs available! What is available, though... I will not get into, because my fingers hurt... T_T

Anyway... I would just like to repeat, none of you have to be these characters, it would just be nice to have them filled! Thank you!

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Student Council President

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PostSubject: Re: Characters Needing To Be Filled   Fri Jan 01, 2010 6:16 pm

Headmistress has been taken.

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Characters Needing To Be Filled
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