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One school, different races, few classrooms, a whole island with nothing but chaos, romance, and action.
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Welcome to Domino Academy. We hope you enjoy your stay.
Weapons may now be created but no techniques yet.
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PostSubject: Read and Template   Tue Dec 29, 2009 3:03 pm

Weapons are on low supply at Domino Academy. There are no guns or anything like a gun for one thing. Please fill out the requirements for weapons that are below. Depending on the weapon will depend on if it's accepted. Keep in mind that Student Council Presidents or those given the right to by the Student Council Presidents may take your weapon away if they think you're "bulling" others with it. {Though that doesn't mean you can't try to steal it back from where they put it.}

[color=violet]Name:[/color] {optional}
[color=violet]Type:[/color] {what weapon is it}
[color=violet]Strength Required:[/color] {A student council president will fill this out}
[color=violet]Health Deduction:[/color] {A student council president will fill this out}
[color=violet]Description:[/color] {Yes, even though it seems like it isn't need, please describe your weapon just in case}

You can add a picture of your weapon at the bottom of it if you want but the description must be words.

No Weapon May Have A Special Ability

Added note: If a Student Council President feels your weapon is not suitable for the school you will be asked to have a different one.
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Read and Template
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