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 Domino, Cameron

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PostSubject: Domino, Cameron   Tue Dec 29, 2009 3:41 pm


Cameron Domino

    "The blue sky is infinitely high, crystal clear...that's what the world should be...a world of infinite possibilities, laid before us, crystal clear"

Given Name: Cameron
Middle Name: Arabella Hades
Surname: Domino
Alias: Cammy, Cam, Ara, Bella, Bell
Race: Vampire
Gender: Female
Age: Appears Seventeen
Birthday: January First
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Describe Your Outer Self

    "Those frozen blue eyes, I want to keep in my heart...The courage that was lost, remember me again...A shooting star that twinkles in the night, I am gazing into Ice Blue Eyes."

Eye Color: Cameron's eye color varies. Regularly, her eyes are a beautiful, sapphire blue, but if she is angry or thirsty, her eyes will change to a sharp, bright red.
Hair Color: Cameron's hair is a bright, vibrant blond.
Hair Style: Her hair falls to just about her waist, with a small curl. It is soft, and silky to the touch.
Skin Tone: Cameron's skin, visibly flawless, is a pale porcelain in tone. There is always a rosy, light pink blush on her cheeks.
Height: As her fraternal twin, Cameron is only at the short height of four feet, eleven inches.
Weight: Cameron's weight is unknown, as she does not like to tell others. Besides, isn't it impolite to ask a lady her weight?
Markings: Cameron only has one marking--- a tattoo of her family crest. The tattoo is placed on the left side of her lower stomach, usually hidden by clothes.
Apparel: Seeing as the school has a uniform, her usual clothing is the Spirit Red uniform. However, if the school provides a day off, or after school hours, Cameron will usually be seen in ripped, old blue jeans, with a cami and some type of jacket, or the previous but with shorts--- depending on the weather.

Who Are You?

    "We are so accustomed to disguise ourselves to others that in the end we become disguised to ourselves."

Personality: For being a Vampire, Cameron has a rather strange persona. At first glance, she is shy, often avoiding large crouds, but she holds herself proudly, with an aristrocratic grace. Past her shy exterior, others will see that she is warm and caring, doing anything and everything for anyone who needs it. To her, the wants and needs of others come before herself, no matter the cost. Cameron can often seem gullible, naive, and easily taken advantage of; which, is all completely true.

Although the kind, caring persona she shelters is true, Cameron constantly hides her sadness behind a fake smile, or a fake laugh. Her Father's death shattered her heart, leaving her endlessly, secretly falling. Over the many years that have passed, between now and the day of her Father's death, she has perfected the art of hiding what she is truly feeling; to the point where not many can figure out the true emotions behind her mask.

Opposite her regular persona, when she is blood-thirsty or angered, she can be terrifying. Especially if she is horribly thirsty, her personality will change to ruthless, and even cruel. In these states, if it was not for her true persona stopping her, it would not be anything to pounce on someone, and drain them dry of their blood.
Quote: (Will Put Later)
Sees Self As: In all truth, Cameron sees herself as a nobody, simply living in the world for no reason.
Temper: Cameron's temper is not easily set off. In fact, the only one who can find that temper, is Brooklyn. Nevertheless, those who do manage to set her off, are very unfortunate.
    •Male Blood
    •Hot Tea

    •Female Blood
    •The Sun
    •Fire/ Heat
    •Rule Breakers
    •Rude Or Obnoxious Others

Habits: Cameron has the unfortunate habit of biting her lip; which sometimes results it in bleeding.
Talents: Being born in a rich family, Cameron, as with Brooklyn, had many chances to develope special talents. Over the years, she has become a great painter, photographer, and piano player.
Favorite Color(s): She has no set favorite color, but she highly prefers lighter, pastel colors.
Favorite Food: Being a Vampire, Cameron's favorite food is blood.
Favorite Drink: As with her favorite food, Cameron's favorite beverage is blood.
Other One: Although either will suit her if she is extremely thirsty, Cameron highly favors the blood of males.
Other Two: ---

Are You Special?

    “We must believe that we are gifted for something, and that this thing, at whatever cost, must be attained.”

Gift: Pressure
Gift Description: Pressure allows Cameron to compel a person into committing an action through either vocal or eye contact. The orders can range from having said person steal, then forget their actions completely, to simply answering a question with their most sincere answer. Once Cameron is prepared to use Pressure and she follows through, it cannot be avoided. It must be followed out before any action of their own is committed, regardless of their will. Cameron can only use it three times in a single day. Anymore uses than that numbs her senses one by one for every person in that day, beginning with her sense of touch, then taste, then smell, after her sight and finally her hearing. Without eye contact or vocal contact, Pressure cannot be used in any way possible.
Element: Cameron's element is water.
    •To use Pressure, eye contact, or speech is needed.
    •Pressure can only be used three times a day. For every other person in that day, Cameron's senses are numbed one by one.
    •Cameron cannot use Pressure to make another kill themselves, or another; however, she can use it to severly hurt others.

What Had Happened?

    “History is a guide to navigation in perilous times. History is who we are and why we are the way we are.”

Mother: (Insert Name Later); Alive; Head Mistress Of Domino Academy
Father: Kaze Domino; Deceased; Founder Of The School, Former Head Master
Siblings: Brooklyn Domino; Fraternal Twin
Childhood: On December Thirty-First, Brooklyn and her fraternal twin, Cameron, were planned to be born. However, at the stroke of midnight on Januray First, New Years, Cameron and Brooklyn were born. From when they were born till around the age of seven, Brooklyn and Cameron were inseparable. They got along and did just about everything together, they were always seen playing games, or doing other activities. Being raised in a rich, sheltered house, the two were spoiled, but never spoiled to a high point. Their father made sure that he wasn't raising spoiled brats. Nevertheless, both girls were daddy girls, always doing something for their father.

The day before her and her sister's seventh birthday, their Father asked Cameron what Brooklyn would want for her birthday. Cameron, thinking her gift had already been bought, told their Father happily. The next day, their Father was reported dead. Cameron was speechless, her heart breaking. This heartbreak lead to Cameron blaming her sister for their Father's death, and the twin's usual togetherness vanished as the two girls began fighting with one another. Each girl blamed the other for their father's death.

After the break in their being together ended, Cameron became shy, but warm and caring to everyone other then her sister. It was the only way she could cope--- to hide the broken, bleeding heart behind a fake smile. She started spending more and more time outside, playing with any of their many animals, or taking care of her garden. It was at this time, that Cameron also developed her painting, photography, and love of Life Science.

Although she hates her sister, Cameron will do anything for her family no matter what, even if it means working with Brooklyn to help someone, such as their Mother. Cameron has even, once before, worked with Brooklyn to save their Mother. Their Mother, the Head Mistress, was sick and couldn't defend herself against the rouge creatures that had come to attack. Cameron set aside her differences with Brooklyn to protect their mother. After that, neither spoke to the other for a day as they regathered their energy, as most of it had been spent. However, after that, the fights continued and the girls acted as if that day had never happened, or at least the working together part had never happened. And so, time continued and the girls hate for each other never changed. Even to this day.

Who did you PM? Brooklyn!

This was inspired by the creators of and
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PostSubject: Re: Domino, Cameron   Tue Dec 29, 2009 8:53 pm

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Domino, Cameron
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