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 Akarusa, Yami

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Yami Akarusa
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PostSubject: Akarusa, Yami   Tue Sep 07, 2010 12:16 am

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[Only admins are allowed to see this image]
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Yami Akarusa
    "The blue sky is infinitely high, crystal clear...that's what the world should be...a world of infinite possibilities, laid before us, crystal clear"

[Only admins are allowed to see this image]
True Form:
Given Name: Yami
Middle Name: ---
Surname: Akarusa
Alias: ---
Race: Crusnik
Gender: Female
Age: Appears 16-17, Technically 2531, Actually 24
Birthday: February 29
Sexual Orientation: Hetrosexual

Describe Your Outer Self
    "Those frozen blue eyes, I want to keep in my heart...The courage that was lost, remember me again...A shooting star that twinkles in the night, I am gazing into Ice Blue Eyes."

Eye Color: Right: Clear morning sky blue. Left: Dark midnight blue.
    True Form: Silver

Hair Color: Soft Brown
    True Form: Snow White

Hair Style: Usually has most bangs covering most of the right eye while parts of the hair hang over her shoulders. The rest runs down her back to a bit past her waist, straight.
[list]True Form: Runs down her back straight until reaching the ends which curl similar to a spring. Bangs are cut right before the eyes and parts of the hair hang over her shoulders.
Skin Tone: Pale ivory
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 100lbs
Markings: Tattoo/Birthmark on her inner thigh
Apparel: Please refer to picture for out of uniform. When in uniform refer to the Snake Gray uniform. She also wears this necklace always:
The movement of the design and the hand cept this is clockwise where it should be counterclockwise.
This necklace is a seal. Yami's seal is a necklace which has a design on it that actually moves. The "hand" of the design moves counterclockwise as Yami's life feels threatened, the more angry she gets, or the weaker she gets. When all of the design but the outer circle and the hand are gone the seal is broken until what caused the seal to be undone is taken care of (anger=calm, weaker=rested/eaten, threatened=safe - those are some ways to fix it) The seal reverses/alters Yami's ability to match her name. Thus when the seal is broken, her ability to manipulate dark matter/particles is free because it's as if her name 'Yami' is being left open.

Who Are You?
    "We are so accustomed to disguise ourselves to others that in the end we become disguised to ourselves."

Personality: Yami is one who is adventurous with exploring the lands as well the mind, leading to what some call her cat's curiosity since she will ask questions from curiosity to settle it, as well as avoid misleading or misunderstanding. Order and Chaos both rest within Yami for she finds a bit of joy in the confusion of others or disruption however she also favors organization and the reduction of chaos, usually leading her to a conflict inside of herself when it comes to deciding if she would like to fight or stand against fighting. Yami is like a free spirit, she may be seen as playful, childish, curious, laugh or ignore what she chooses, even if it's a mask. Thus, Yami is curious, joyful, a bit contemptuous however she can still be as calm as the prior. Her temper can seem resting between even-tempered and phlegmatic, depending on how her thirst is currently being handled. She may be completely joyous or calm one moment and a something simple could trigger her temper if she has gone a long time without actual blood being her meal. This temper of her's can lead to different outlooks of the world, putting her between being optimistic or pessimistic, though her trust may be hard to gain and her distrust for others can be high. Should she choose she may be manipulative or deceitful, her thoughts on rather she should or not wavering with how she feels about the person the actions are directed to. Once her mind is set on something it is hard to waver her decision, making her focused and steady while her mind always has crosses of caution, she is one to not show this caution until it's required, allowing herself to seem as if she perhaps daring. After a usually joyous greeting, Yami judges by the other's reaction if she should be warm or cold to the one she is speaking to though she will listen and try to be open-minded, she will not easily forgive without good reason. Even with her seen as a listener or perhaps even talkative, the air of a loner still exists as well as a cold nature harboring below the usually warm exterior. Pranks always seem to brighten her mood, if they do not then something may be really wrong. Something one may see as a disorder perhaps with Yami would be the masochism she has though she thinks of it as something decent to have for battle. When her true form is out her personality may change but the way it seems to change based on her usual display depends on the situation that brought out her form. There is one thing that comes from her true form, dreams, unconcious memories, fill her mind and can cause sudden changes as well. In simple words Yami can be moody but generally shows kindness to others unless her true form comes out since most likely it would come out due to anger or hunger.
Sees Self As: A lost young woman
Temper: (you could just put how hard it is to get your character mad or something)
  • Roses (Red, Blue, Black, and White)
  • Apples
  • Grapes
  • Teddy Bears
  • Pain
  • Most fluffy creatures

  • Daisys
  • Veggies
  • Coconut
  • Snails
  • Ants

Habits: Singing, humming, trying to pull pranks
Talents: Agile, Flexibilty, Singing
Favorite Color(s): Midnight blue, Raven black, Crimson red
Favorite Food: Vampire Blood
Favorite Drink: Vampire Blood
Other 1: Amidextious
Other 2:

Are You Special?
    “We must believe that we are gifted for something, and that this thing, at whatever cost, must be attained.”

Gift: Yami Akarusa
Gift Description: Yami's ability is related to her name. Yami meaning darkness, her first ability is the manipulation of darkness/shadows. Being able to solidify it or use it as protection. Akarusa meaning light or brightness, hense she has the ability to manipulate light energy, sunlight/light, brightness. This too can be used the same as her darkness. However, with Yami being her given, also known as first, name darkness comes first and when a child is born their true form is more than likely the first shown, Yami was the comes of having her true form show when was born and with it being first and her true formed sealed, her ability over darkness is sealed as well for it is as if the 'Yami' part of herself is sealed. With Akarusa being her last, or surname, it is like her disguise, the form she is usually seen in around this area and thus her ability over light is what is seen until the seal is broken and she takes her true form of Yami Akarusa. So in simple terms in case needed, Darkness cannot be used unless she's in her true form.
Element: Darkness/Light (ties into Gift)
Weaknesses: Only changes element as the seal changes. Darkness cannot be used unless in true form.

What Had Happened?
    “History is a guide to navigation in perilous times. History is who we are and why we are the way we are.”

Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown
Childhood: Yami doesn't remember her parents or where she was born. Her earliest memories begin when she was five and in the middle of Egypt. Her skin was pale and her hair was snow white despite the constant heat and long hours of sun. She was feeding from a snake, her usually silver eyes were molded into a blood red as her fangs were sank into the reptilian flesh when the pharaoh and his high priest had found her. The guards that were with them tried to kill the five year old at first because she had jumped the pharaoh for he was inured and she smelled his blood. When the guards came close to her and one made the mistake of trying to kill her with a dagger, she grabbed their arm and sank her fangs into their skin, drinking their blood as the other's backed away in fear of their own life. She drained them dry and sat up, wiping her mouth as blood ran down it, her rags that she was using as clothing were soaked with blood. She didn't jump anyone though now, having quenched her thirst and hunger of being nearly starved. The pharaoh watched her while the horse he was and the horse the high priest was on was in a panic, knowing that this particular five year old was not human. Her eyes slowly faded to their star light silver shade since she was no longer desperate for food. The silence between pharaoh, high priest, and child lengthened until the command from the pharaoh was spoken: "Bring her with us." The guards slowly approached Yami, who at the time was a child with no name. She did not fight against them as the grabbed her arms and lead her behind their king and his priest. The trip to the palace of the pharaoh was done in silence. When they did finally reach the palace she was beginning to be led to the dungeon when the pharaoh ordered her to be taken to one of the empty rooms for the guests of other kingdoms that would rarely visit. Shocked but not ones to disobey their king, they led the child who had killed a guard like themselves to the quarters that she was being told to stay in. She was sat on the bed and the guards quickly left, fearing that she'd eat them. The wait of what would happen seemed to last a life time before the high priest came in and looked at her. He told her that the pharaoh could lend her a home, protection, clothes, and even food if she would serve him. Yami asked how she could serve one who is given most everything they desire. The high priest chuckled and said that she could make an excellent guard but her form stood out too much from those of Egyptians. He offered her a chance to blend in more, he could trade her otherworldly powers for something else and allow her to blend in more. Yami asked what would happen if she denied the request, her answer was the end of her life. Thus, Yami agreed to hide her true self and trade in her powers that made her different for something that would still contain it's difference over the Egyptians and slaves. She was led to a temple, a child dressed highly classed watched her pass by. Once inside the temple she was led to a bath and handed clothes where she could clean the blood and dirt from her body and dress properly. The moment that was done Yami came into the room where the ritual would be held. She was placed in the middle of a circle of torches which were lit, asked to stand there before an ancient language filled her ears and strange smells filled her nose, stinging it because of it's sensitivity. The flames seemed to swirl in blacks and whites, her eyes losing sight of everything but those lights. The chanting filled her ears, getting louder and louder as it went on, banging sounding within as well. Suddenly, she heard the faint whisper of the words Yami Akarusa before it all suddenly stopped, Yami had passed out without realizing it.
When she came to she saw the blue eyes staring at her and she sat up quickly, surprised and caused their foreheads to collide and she laid back down as the child who had watched her passed sat back and rubbed his forehead. Yami rubbed her forehead and looked at her skin, it was the same as it had been but it would probably tan a bit under the light of the sun. She got up slowly, rubbing her forehead as she looked into a dish filled with water, her silver eyes now different shades of blue, her right being a clear morning sky blue and her left being a dark midnight blue. Her hair had changed as well, the snow white had burned to a soft brown. She was now looking like someone else and now she thought it was time she gave herself a name. But what could pass for a name, that was when she remembered the words 'Yami Akarusa' from before she found herself waking up with that blue eyed boy checking on her in the room she had been in when first brought to the pharaoh's palace. That would become her name, it seemed to fit strangely.
After that, Yami went through years, protecting the pharaoh, feeding from prisoners since her thirst for blood didn't vanish like they thought it would. She found herself always helping the high priest's son, the boy she had seen when she was five. Yami also witnessed the pharaoh's marriage as well as the birth of his first son who had died not long after birth and then the birth of his second son which took the life of his wife in the process but the child lived. Along with that she heard of the death of the high priest that had happened in his sleep which caused his son to take over. The young sort of being was there for when the pharaoh's son became pharaoh and his best friend, the now high priest, was beside him. Years went by and Yami never physically aged past sixteen, seventeen. The high priest, Rashidi, was in his early twenties when the pharaoh and his best friend, Hasani, arranged a marriage between Rashidi and Yami, seeing how over the years the two had grown close to each other despite how they could always argue and always would when they were younger all since the day that Yami had sat up and hit their foreheads together.
Rashidi and Yami were married and they had a daughter who they named Masika since she was born during a rare moment of rain. Yami had long forgotten that her other self existed, living happily with her husband, friend, and daughter. That was all until strangers from a different land came and stormed through the city, breaking into the palace that had served as Yami's home. She was torn between always serving the pharaoh and her husband and daughter. Most of the guards were protecting the pharaoh so she killed what intruders she could as she ran to her three year old daughter. When she got there, Masika was gone, there wasn't a trace of her. Yami was broken and she killed all she could that were intruders as she ran through the castle to her husband. There was fire in almost every direction she looked and luckily she found Rashidi with Hasani but she was no longer able to reach them with the extra speed she had had before the ritual. She was almost there when a female's scream filled the air while a steal blade sank through Rashidi's chest. At the time she didn't realize the scream was her own but when she looks back at the memory now she believes that it was herself. The symbol on her necklace that she wore changed, the hand on it had turned quickly counterclockwise causing all but the hand and circle to vanish, the color in her hair melted as it returned to it's snow white and her eye's grayed until they were silver and she finished reaching the area where her husband laid instantly dead and her pharaoh fought for his life. She finished the battle by killing the rest of those who opposed her pharaoh before she collapsed by her husband and cried, holding his body until Hasani pulled her from him and hugged her a bit as she tried to continue to fight to stay by her husband. The sun was rising and with it her tears could no longer fall for she was cried out. Her daughter was missing and out of her reach and her husband was dead. With that, she felt dead inside and decided that she would awaken again when the world had gone forward in time.
On her request, she was buried in the tomb that was her husband's and she put herself into a sleep. After years of waiting, she was awakened from her sleep, waking up in a forest for somehow from some form of being or magic moving her, she wasn't far from what was no civilization. Without her knowing, Rashidi's body had been taken to a museum somewhere while her daughter's location was still unknown for she was part what ever Yami was which Yami didn't even know, she couldn't remember before the age or five or her parents, it was unknown if she had lived. Yami had retained her sixteen to seventeen year old physical appearance and her appearance had also reverted back to the dark brown hair and two shades of blue eyes. She wasn't sure how but time had not touched her though she knew the times were very different than what she had lived for she could tell by the air, not to mention the area she was in had much greenery compared to the sands and few greens she was used to. The young Egyptian believed that she had slept through many years and had been moved to a new place. Needing to know this new place, she stumbled out of the forest and found herself walking along until she came across what she learned to be a school called Domino Academy. She wasn't even sure how she came to understand the present language but it helped to know she could communicate to people. With the life she knew now in the far past, she enrolled into the school, seeking knowledge of what she had missed, what she could learn, and what would become of her new life or if she'd fall back into her memories of the old life she ended upon seeing the deaths of others.

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This was inspired by the creators of and
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PostSubject: Re: Akarusa, Yami   Tue Sep 07, 2010 12:18 am

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Akarusa, Yami
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