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One school, different races, few classrooms, a whole island with nothing but chaos, romance, and action.
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PostSubject: Teachers   Mon Dec 28, 2009 11:37 pm

All teacher's out there are you listening?
I have an important message. When you're filling out your application to be a teacher, in the part when it's asking you what class you would like to teach, it's referring to Crusnik Blue, Dragon White, Griffin Yellow, Snake Grey, and Spirit Red. Please choose only one or two of those classes to teach. Once that's done, you need to put a time for one of the days of the week. You don't have to teach every day of the week just to let you know.

Also, you're not really teaching. Well I suppose you could be but it'd be a bunch of B.S. People don't really want to learn when they come here. It's suppose to be fun. But hey, sometimes we might learn a little. Another thing is that you can assign detentions, isn't that great?! So have fun teaching. During the times you're not teaching, you can hang out in the teacher's lounge on the second floor of the school or hang out somewhere else on the lovely little island.

Have fun and best of wishes with you classes!

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